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My Treatments


Sometimes I give myself my chemo.

When I first found out I had a tumor I was determined not go the chemo slash radiation route.  My mother passed away from cancer and watching her go through her chemo treatments was worse than the cancer itself.  It destroyed her physically, emotionally and spiritually.  When I found out I had a GBM that immediately changed.

I decided I would try any and everything that has potential to prolong my life as long as possible.  Knowing that there is no cure for GBM’s I set out on a mission to find an answer that  to a question that has no answer.  With this thought process I decided to try any and everything that shows promise and potential to help in my battle as long as it does not counteract any of my other therapies.  I ended up with a combination and a personally made treatment plan designed by myself with the help of my doctors and a lot of research.



When you read about my treatments, please know that I am not formally trained in anything that has to do with medicine, health, diet, exercise or well being.  If you decide to try anything that I am currently doing please advise your doctor(s) of any changes and please do not rely on me as a sole source of information. It is your life and you need to make the decisions for yourself.  I did a copious amount of research and no matter how much my doctors disagreed or agreed with me, in the end it was my choice and my life.