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Alternative Therapies

There is no correct answer for GBMs, Western doctors will swear by Temodar and radiation knowing that it is not even a cure, but simply a prolonging therapy while condemning everything else that has not been studied by a multi-million dollar double blind study with proven effectiveness in trials and population based studies.  The problem is there is no money in things that are readily available to the public.  This means there is no chance for profit thus there is no funding for these studies to be done.  Western doctors study Western medicine and I do not blame them for not believing in alternative therapies, but it is frustrating when they rule things out without properly investigating their potential for aiding in the treatment of cancer.  They read something or hear from other doctors in their field and for the most part are just like you and me, they believe in their peers and those before them.  You are the only person in the equation without a biased perspective.  I have had too many doctors to count in my battle and I don’t think I have ever had two doctors agree on anything.  I am not saying that what I am doing is curing me, but I have been doing pretty well for what I am up against up until now and I do not intend on changing anything until my current health takes a turn.  The simple fact is that it is your life, your body and your decision.  They can yell at you, bully you, laugh at you and tell you how much money you are wasting all they want, but in the end it is your life.  If you die, it is your choices that brought you there and who you decided to trust.  Sometimes, no often times the choices you make won’t even matter because GBMs are utterly terrible and even if you change every aspect of your life you will not be guaranteed anything other than you fought your ass off and you know there was literally nothing left you could do.


[++For my alternative therapies, I will only provide a few links, you need to do the research yourself or have someone you trust with your life do it. ++  Also understand that I am not formerly trained, educated or practiced in any field regarding medicine, health, nutrition or treatment of cancer.  I am however exceptional at investigative research, especially when it is regarding my life.  I have spent countless hours researching and trying to find an answer that doesn't seem to exist.  These are my opinions and my therapies- before you change any regimen or start something new consult with your doctor(s).]


With this thought process, I decided to integrate the two.  I wanted to try everything that has shown potential to work.  I read, listened, studied and came to my own unbiased conclusions.  Through my research I met who became my integrative doctor, Dr. Rita Elethorpe at Tustin Longevity Center in Tustin, CA Tustin Longevity Center.  She specializes in integrative medicine working in conjunction (instead of demonizing) with my Western medical doctors.  She introduced me to even more things some of which I decided against, but many I have been doing ever since.  I know she doesn’t have the magic pill, but she has been the most influential and helpful guide through the toughest time of my life and no matter what direction this road takes me I am utterly grateful beyond words for her help, wisdom and most of all love.  She is the only doctor I have ever had that greets me with an enormous hug and wont let me leave without another one.

Vitamin C drips not only help boost your immune system, but for me I am always energized.


If you are looking to fight your cancer in as many ways as possible I would suggest finding an Integrative doctor in your area and if you are in Southern California there is no other place I would recommend then TLC.  Every doctor there is equally as qualified and know about every type of cancer there is.

I take A LOT of vitamins and supplements.  There are a lot of people and studies that say supplements and vitamins are a waste of money and our bodies do not know how to properly intake the nutrients from such pills, but I have faith in it.  Truly believing in what you do (no matter what it is) is half of the battle.  The placebo effect has been proven over and over again and no matter what you read or hear, do not let that change your mindset.  You will come across criticism and negative feedback for anything that is out of ‘the standard,’ but like I have always said- You are in charge of YOUR life.

Under Dr. E’s supervision, I began alternative therapies which include:

*Medical Marijuana (cannabinoid oil or high CBD strains of marijuana.)-  This is the ONE and ONLY alternative therapy that every single one of my doctors agree with.  This was not only my savior through my entire chemo adventure, but it also has shown immense abilities to directly fight tumors and specifically GBMs which are so tricky due to the blood brain barrier.  There are actual studies that show the medicine as a useful tool in combating many different forms of cancer and even other chronic ailments!  There are heaps of information out there, try and find credible and verified sites, not some stoner in his living room trying to prove a point.  Medical marijuana is an amazing tool to not only help nearly every symptom you will experience from chemo and radiation, but it is now being studied and theorized to directly slow tumor growth.  It is a shame it is still illegal and so taboo when for so many people it does so much good.  I was taking 6 different pharmaceutical pills to help aid in symptoms associated with my treatment.  Once I began using medicinal marijuana I stopped taking all but 3, an anti-seizure, a low dose antibiotic so I wouldn’t get ill when my blood counts were in the toilet and an anti-shingles pill since I have already had the chicken pox.  *Consult your oncologist or naturopath before starting any regimen of medical marijuana as dosages vary greatly from person to person and it might not be an option for you*



Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Study

Pub Med

University of London Study

British Journal of Cancer Study


*High dose vitamin C-  This is a therapy not used to directly treat my cancer per se, but it is an immune booster to help my own immune system get stronger and help fight off the cancer.  There is a lot of controversy about HD Vit C, if you do a quick google search I would assume there to be more negative than positive, but in my experience I find it to be beneficial.  It might not be for everyone, but I certainly feel better after doing it and even the next couple days.  


I have sat in rooms at TLC with many people fighting every form of cancer there is.  Most of these people came in with the last ditch effort trying to save what little life they had left after other therapies have failed.  I am not going to lie and say they were all miraculously healed, in fact in the year+ I have been going there I have already lost 2 friends.  The thing is though, when we sat together through the 4 hour drip you could see them come back to life- even if just for the rest of the day, a new energy emerged that was once worn to the bone.  If you are interested in HD Vit C, please do some investigating and talk to as many people as you can.  If you have any questions for me please feel free to e-mail me ryan@ryansepicbattle.com.

Yoga and massage therapy-  Stress does a toll on your body, mind, spirit and yes your immune system as well.  I don’t know if I can think of anything more stressful than having to wake up every morning wondering if there is cancer growing in your noggin.  Both of these have helped me deal with the immense stresses in my battle.  If is sometimes hard to get up and go to yoga class when I am feeling drained, ill or otherwise lazy, but every single time I leave the yoga studio I feel like a new person.  It allows me to shut off my brain for an hour and try and forget that I have one of the most brutal forms of cancer around.  There are countless places you can go to do these and if you live in Southern California, I have whom I believe to be the coolest Aussie in America as the most epic instructor this side of the Mississippi.  MJ Travers- you can email her at MJsyoga@gmail.com.   She instructs all around coastal Orange County.

There are far more things out there to try, these are just the ones I am currently taking advantage of.  Acupuncture is another great tool which many cancer patients find useful and I myself am going to be giving it a shot pretty soon.